Our Story

Hi! Our names are Annie Hackett and Adam Theisen and we are the owners of the Kenosha Academy of Performing Arts. As fine arts professionals, we have performed, directed, produced or choreographed over 100 pieces, and have over twenty-five years teaching experience. We were professionals living and working in Chicago, Il. We found that we really wanted to relocate to a smaller community where we could make a bigger difference in the lives of students interested in the performing arts.

We founded the Kenosha Academy of Performing Arts in 2006 to address the need for a full academic dance school in the Kenosha area. Our original location on 75th street was 1600 square feet, had one studio and only 30 students.

In 2008 our enrollment had increased to 180 students and we had 5 dance teachers on faculty. We had outgrown our space and our parking lot! We decided to look for a new location and expand.

In 2009 we opened our current location on Highway 50 in Kenosha. We expanded our programs to add private music and acting classes. Our location has three dance studios two private music studios and an acting room with a stage, cameras and playback devices for on camera acting. Our faculty has grown too! We bring in highly qualified teachers with university degrees and decades of experience. We have currently have 17 faculty members. We also employ four Professional Desk Hosts to address parents and students needs during class times.

Although many of our students have gone on to pursue both collegiate and professional careers in dance and the arts, the Academy’s philosophy is to enrich the lives of our students by providing a comprehensive fine arts education. Our students range from 2 years to 94 years old and welcome the warm, professional environment we have strived to create and maintain. Each year we expand our programs and continually improve our facilities.

We love being part of the Kenosha Community and it has become our home. Our favorite part of the school though is watching a next generation experience the joy that the arts can bring for a lifetime!