Our Values

Provide a "WOW" Experience

Make each experience for families through empathetic, attentive service and the understanding that each family's educational needs are different. Provide educated answers and information. Strive to provide help before it is needed.

Create a Positive Community

Give students a place to feel safe and inspired to grow as artists. Regardless of ability, all students will experience the joy of reaching his/her personal level of accomplishment, with their successes verbalized along side positive suggestions for improvement. Maintain an empowered staff to make decisions that are more often a yes than a no. Encourage a culture of interaction among families to create comfort, loyalty and value for everyone.

Honesty and Commitment

We deliver what we promise and we make promises we can deliver. We always put the students' educational needs first. We act with integrity in all situations.

Create Pathways to Communication

Embrace technology to continually improve communications within the Academy community. Staff, teachers, students and parents will be listened to with direct interaction, respectful thoughts and words, and with the understanding each person is entitled to their thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

Build Systems for the Future

Continually explore ideas and implement systems to increase convenience, comfort level, and value for our families, therefore, keeping the focus on educating students.

Conservative Minded

Value the conservative view of our extended community and be a role model of that mindset.

Never Stop Learning

Seek out new methods, ideas and techniques through continuing education to uncover our "best selves."

Work Ethic

Get it done now not later! Challenge ourselves to do our work the best we can each and every time not waiting to be pro-active. TEAMWORK a dedicated group, striving towards a goal, is successful only when each team member is the best they can be.

Be Observant

Be attentive to the world around us. Notice how the Academy feels, looks, sounds and smells at any given time. Keep it a place that we all want to be.

Be Ever Evolving

We always strive to grow as artists as educators, as administrators, and as students. We know that great ideas come from all sources and hope to share in each person's creativitiy so that we are all part of the process of this growth. Please share your ideas and concerns with us always!