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Embracing the Rollercoaster of Life & its Seasons of Joy

Joy - an experience defined by “an intense feeling of deep spiritual connection, pleasure, and appreciation”. There’s simply nothing that can compare to the surrendering delight that joy brings. The unfortunate side, however, is that there are situations that distract us from those powerful, blissful moments of life.

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Finding Joy In The Ordinary Through Creative Play

School’s out and summer is here! For students - those words are sweet music to their ears. For parents? Well, let’s just say there’s a lot more on their minds now. Children are eager to spend their days in the hot sun, spend quality time with friends and family and create lasting memories. During these moments away from the rigor of the academic school year, parents and caretakers ought to encourage relaxation, fun, and creative play.

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A Peek Inside A Perfectionists Perspective

Have you ever wondered why perfectionism is so prevalent among dancers? Like many other athletes and artists, dancers tend to be their own worst critic. As we close competition season and enter recital time, it may be helpful to understand why dancers trend towards a perfectionist outlook.

collage of dancers
The Gen Z Difference: Career & Lifestyle

As parents, educators, and leaders, we have a responsibility to mentor future generations in their career pursuits. However, it’s safe to say that things look very different from when the Millennial and Gen X generations navigated through that territory.

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